ePTFE Testing

Typical tests performed on ePTFE membrane or Tubing include:

Tensile Tests to determine the Radial or Axial  Break or Yield Strength (see photo below).

eptfe tensile test 90 

eptfe gurley densometerThe Gurley Densometer  is used to determine the flow rate through the membrane or Tube wall. Units are in Seconds to move 100 or 300cc through a cross section of 1.0 sq-in at 4.8 in-H2O pressure.



eptfe bubble point test



The Bubble Point Test determines the pressure to bubble air through a wetted membrane or tubing wall which relates  to an equivalant pore diameter. 




An SEM  Scan at 500X to 5000X can be used to determine the surface IND and structure.

eptfe sem