ePTFE Thin-Wall Tubing

Patented High Strength ePTFE Tubing and Membrane 



ePTFE thin-wall tubes produced by Phillips find application in medical, filtration and chemical processing.  Because of the unique design and production techniques, Phillips’ thin-wall tubing is able to achieve high tensile strengths and a low shrinkage factor. Many of the physical characteristics are also highly customizable. Due to the unique applications that are involved with many of these products, some development may be required. However, we may already have something close to your requirements that can be furnished free for your evaluation.

eptfe tube 50mm

Phillips’ ePTFE tubes are available in any size from .004″ to 4.00″ID (.01mm to 100mm). Other sizes may be available upon request, although some additional development work may be required. For more information, see the Development page.


ePTFE tubing can be made to have varying radial and axial properties depending on the strength orientation of the membrane.  We are able to produce basic tube types made from ePTFE membrane: “RW” (radially wrapped), “AW” (axially wrapped), “RA” or “AR” (radially wrapped MD oriented membrane over axially or TD oriented membrane), “LR” (an oversized radially wrapped tube drawn down in diameter  to make a liner which is then overwrapped radially with MD oriented membrane)

eptfe tube stretch

Some applications require the tube to be able to expand radially by means of a catheter balloon in which case we either use an oversized RW tube that is drawn down in diameter  or an AW type ePTFE tube. The photos below show how easily a tube which is wrapped with highly MD oriented membrane (RW type tube) can be drawn down.  The drawn down tube can then be radially expanded or the drawn down tube can be used as a high strength inner liner that is overwrapped with membrane (AR Type tube)

Typical ePTFE Tube Sizes   ID:  1mm – 50mm  x  Wall Thickness:  0.0003” –  0.005”   x   Length: up to 36”

The photo below shows the size range typically produced.  The smaller tube has a wire threaded through it.

eptfe tube size range


Other ePTFE  Tubing Configurations The ePTFE tube can incorporate stainless steel or nitinol stents or support tubes, encapsulated between an inner liner and outer wrap. Various polymers (TPU, silicone, FEP) can be laminated between layers in film or liquid form. The ePTFE tubing can also be cut by laser and the surface modified by intense heat (“HST”) or laser.  Flared ends  or stepped down diameters are also possible.