Recent Developments

ePTFE tube with PTFE backbone

We have recently begun testing the effectiveness of laser cut PTFE encapsulated inside our own thin walled tubing. More information.IMG_3562[1]

Laser Textured ePTFE

Using proprietary laser machining methods we are now able to texture the surface of ePTFE sheeting and membrane. More information.hyper laser textured eptfe

ePTFE Knit and braided Tubing

ePTFE threads and yarns of various denier can be knit braided into various size ropes and tubes.braided ePTFE2

Laser Cutting Various Metals, including titanium

We are now experimenting with our new fiber-optic laser cutting capabilities, and attempting to create as clean of cuts as possible, to be potentially be encapsulated in a tube, at a later date. All parts we design can be scaled up or down to fit many different applications. Click here for more informationLaser cut sheet metal potentially for a filter