cranium repair encapsulated titanium

fep-eptfe composite

  Tough and stiff yet flexible ePTFE-PTFE composite can be laser machined or razor carved to form inert medical  

Phillips Scientific has the capability of manufacturing ePTFE suture thread as well as tipping and attaching the thread to eyeless needles. 


encapsulated nitinol wire stent

The  Nitinol wire stent (below) was fabricated for encapsulation with ePTFE (above).   The superelastic properties of Nitinol allow the tube to be collapsed into a small diameter guide tube.  


graft cover

ePTFE tube with PTFE backbone We have recently begun testing the effectiveness of laser cut PTFE encapsulated inside our own thin walled tubing. More information. Laser Textured ePTFE Using proprietary laser machining methods we are now able to texture the surface of ePTFE sheeting and membrane. More information. ePTFE Knit and braided Tubing ePTFE threads and yarns of various denier can […]