Phillips has developed a wide range of ePTFE products with applications in the industrial, filtration, medical, chemical, and laboratory fields. Many of our products directly relate to our research efforts (like our ePTFE membranes, thin-wall tubings, and filaments) and are typically available in batch quantities, although we certainly maintain the capacity to scale up production if necessary. Other products,  like our ePTFE joint sealant, sheeting, or valve-stem packing, are refined products and are available in bulk. Our ePTFE sealant products for industrial, chemical, and lab applications are available at unmatched prices and are a high quality alternatives to name-brand equivalents. Because of our unique manufacturing system, we are able to produce large production runs that result in lowered costs–which are passed on to the customer. Unlike other lower-cost ePTFE sealants (many of which are produced overseas), our products do not skimp on size or quality. We lower our costs by refining the production process, and not by reducing the amount of raw materials. Our products are practical equivalents to high-priced US-produced name brands, in terms of technical specifications and quality. We are happy to provide samples of our products for comparison. We currently maintain stocks of ePTFE joint sealant and PTFE valve stem packing at quantities sufficient to the point that we can ship 95% of our orders on the same day.